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Torpedoes With Wings! US Navy’s ‘Submarine Hunter’ Plane Will get Functionality To ‘Sink A Sub’ With HAAWC!

The P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance plane that continues to make sorties over the Indo-Pacific irking China is now set to turn into extra deadly, with the plane buying the potential to drop winged torpedoes from a protracted vary.

The P-8A maritime patrol plane of the US Navy can now carry the Excessive Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapon Functionality or HAAWC.

The producer of the plane Boeing introduced in a press launch on November 21 that the US Navy has formally introduced Preliminary operational functionality, or IOC, with HAAWC.

The brand new HAAWC transforms airdropped Mk 54 mild anti-submarine torpedoes into long-range, swiftly-delivered standoff weapons. This is able to imply the plane may assault its targets with out coming in touch with the enemy defenses.

Earlier in August, the EurAsian Occasions had reported that the US Navy had awarded a contract to Boeing for the full-rate manufacturing of the Excessive Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapon Functionality.

This system was envisioned to allow the Navy to undertake anti-submarine warfare at higher heights and ranges.

Excessive Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapon Functionality, or HAAWC

The contract requires producing HAAWC Air Launched Accent, or ALA, kits, and containers for the Navy and different prospects of the plane. A number of international locations, together with the US, Australia, Norway, India, and the UK, function the plane, amongst others.

Germany, South Korea, and New Zealand will obtain theirs within the coming years.

The P-8A plane buying trendy and superior standoff weapons is also unsettling for China which has allegedly intimidated the aircraft on a number of events.

In February this 12 months, a Chinese language army vessel was accused of shining a military-grade laser at an Australian P-8 Poseidon and endangering the crew’s security. The US army additionally reported an analogous incident in 2020.

RAF P-8 Poseidon
File Picture: P-8 Poseidon

Later, in June, the PLA was accused of dispatching its J-16 Fighter jet and intimidating the Royal Australian Air Drive (RAAF) in flight over the South China Sea by firing military-grade lasers. Nevertheless, Australian and American P-8 Patrol plane proceed to fly over the Indo-Pacific and the seas China considers its yard.

China, for one, has a really subtle system of Anti Entry/Space Denial capabilities which signifies that in case of a battle, the US would discover it tough to breach by its defences. Commander of US Pacific Air Drive Normal Kenneth Wilsbach accepted that China had a wonderful A2/AD.

Importantly, anti-submarine torpedoes thrown from the air should sometimes be discharged comparatively near the goal and at very low altitudes, often barely 100 toes above the water. Nevertheless, this additionally means the plane will fly dangerously near the enemy’s missile protection techniques. That is the place the HAAWC is available in.

Illustration of Boeing HAAWC

By enabling Navy P-8A crews to make use of Mk 54 torpedoes at longer ranges, the HAAWC lessens their potential publicity to any close by enemy air defenses.

This turned particularly necessary as China has geared up its warships with formidable air protection capabilities and stationed its surface-to-air missiles on the substitute islands it constructed and militarized within the South China Sea.

What Do We Know About The HAAWC?

The HAAWC consists of a wing package for the Mk 54 light-weight torpedo, which Boeing refers to because the Air Launch Accent (ALA). After launch, the weapon glides to a predetermined goal space utilizing a GPS-assisted steering system that, in accordance with the producer, can even perform in a GPS-denied surroundings utilizing inertial navigation alone.

The ALA releases the torpedo as soon as it has reached the goal space. It then falls into the water naturally, utilizing a parachute within the tail to gradual its descent and preserve it from being destroyed when it hits the water. The HAAWC-equipped Mk 54’s actual most vary has not been revealed.

A Navy P-8A drops a typical Mk 54 torpedo-US Navy.

Nevertheless, the Navy beforehand acknowledged that it wished the weapon to have a standoff vary of at the very least 20 miles. Naturally, quite a bit is dependent upon the plane’s pace and altitude when discharging armaments to find out these ranges.

The P-8 and different Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) plane can pursue sub-surface targets with HAAWC’s assist with out having to fret about working afoul of any anti-air techniques which may be stationed near the submarine or the world the place the sub operates .

This package permits a P-8 to launch an assault from as much as 30,000 toes with out descending slowly over the ocean. As a result of inclusion of the extra package, the P-8 now not wants to reveal itself by flying gradual and low, a dangerous place for any fight plane.

By releasing torpedoes at enemy submarines with this HAAWC bundle, the P-8 may also be capable of function a kind of arsenal ship for different anti-submarine belongings, comparable to ships, helicopters, and even pleasant submarines.

The upgraded Mk 54 Mod 1 torpedo, which is at the moment in improvement, will likely be mixed with the kits, which the Navy already anticipates will enhance the capabilities supplied by HAAWC. Based on DOT&E, the improved sonar array and supporting software program within the Mk 54 Mod 1 model “provides a sharper view of the specified goal contained in the undersea surroundings.”

The HAAWC system, in accordance with specialists, may be modified to be used by shore-based launchers, offering a versatile and fairly priced coastal protection towards sly submarines. By implementing HAAWC, nations may put enemy submarines in danger alongside their shoreline with out deploying hordes of plane or patrol ships armed with torpedoes.

With tensions refusing to recede between China and the self-ruled island state of Taiwan and the Chinese language resolve to unite Taiwan with the Chinese language mainland, a battle within the area is rarely totally out of query.

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