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The Greatest Tenting Spots In Name Of Obligation: Warzone 2

Tenting generally is a powerful activity in a battle royale. You need to continuously reevaluate your place with the transferring circle and rotating gamers that will push your place. When you’re fortunate and the circle lands the place you’ve got arrange store, you possibly can positively get away with tenting for a number of kills.

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In a BR like Name of Obligation: Warzone, groups can unfold out and camp a complete focal point. On Al Mazrah in Warzone 2, you will discover loads of ample tenting websites. These are spots you will want to concentrate on, not simply to camp there your self, however to make sure you aren’t getting caught off guard by a stationary enemy.


10/10 Mawizeh Marshlands

The Mawizeh Marshlands present little cowl, however the space acts as an vital chokepoint. Anybody coming from or to Al Mazrah Metropolis must make their means by means of the Marshlands. That is the place tenting is useful.

You can see a number of roofs to take a seat on with an amazing view from each path. There are additionally our bodies of water that assist you to cover beneath or make a fast escape by swimming. If you wish to counter somebody already tenting right here, strategy rigorously and maintain your eyes open.

9/10 Rohan Oil

A player crouches and looks out from the top of an oil tank at Rohan Oil.

Rohan Oil is a maze of workplace buildings and large oil tanks. Whereas it’s close to the northern a part of the map, there are occasions the ultimate circle reaches the placement. This makes it the right spot for campers to bide their time because the circle closes in.

Virtually the entire oil tanks have a ladder to succeed in the highest or a bridge connecting it with one other one. One of the best ways to keep away from being noticed by a camper right here is by coming in from above, whether or not throughout a redeployment or diving out of a helicopter. In any other case, anybody tenting right here can spot you from a mile away if you happen to’re approaching from the broad open surrounding space.

8/10 Al Sharim Move

A player holds his pistol on top of a building at the Al Sharim Pass point of interest.

Al Sharim move is the gateway to the highest half of Al Mazrah in Name of Obligation: Warzone 2. It sits proper subsequent to the Observatory and between the Marshlands and Ahkdar Village. The Move may be thought of a small city in its personal proper, with a number of buildings to loot and discover.

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That is an space to keep away from if you aren’t getting there first. Due to its central location on the map, there’s sure to be a participant, or a complete squad, tenting there. When you’re fortunate sufficient to land at Al Sharim Move and declare it in your personal, you will have a pleasant spot to put low till you are compelled to maneuver.

7/10 Zarqwa Hydroelectric

The player and his assault rifle look at the bridge of Zarqwa Hydroelectric from the top of the water tower.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric is a northern-central focal point in Al Mazrah. It has water passages so that you can swim by means of and buildings to cover in. Nonetheless, the tenting spot to be careful for is one you’d by no means count on.

There’s a water tower on the fringe of the placement. You may land on it whereas dropping in from above or take an extended climb up its ladder. There’s zero cowl up there, which makes it a sneaky spot to camp at. It’s a excellent spot to go susceptible and catch enemies off guard. Preserve your eyes on that tower if you happen to’re approaching Zarqwa Hydroelectric to identify anybody up high.

6/10 Al Safwa Quarry

The player looks down into the construction area of ​​Al-Safwa Quarry in Warzone 2.0.

You will discover that Al-Safwa Quarry is the easternmost focal point in Warzone 2. It has a wide range of terrains, excessive and low, so that you can reap the benefits of. If you wish to benefit from tenting right here, scour the outer rim of the quarry to keep away from being caught down beneath.

You might have to rotate ultimately if the realm would not stay within the circle, but when it does, you’ve got received loads of loot to be prepared for the opposite gamers to push you. If you need to push into the placement, be cautious of the development tools. On high of, beneath, and behind them are all common tenting areas.

5/10 Al Samman Cemetery

A loadout drop is signaled as a player goes prone on a hill outside of the Al Samman Cemetery.

Al Samman Cemetery and its surrounding hills are camper central. Snipers love to take a seat on the hills and decide off anybody making their means by means of the graveyard. There are additionally a number of shacks unfold all through the cemetery that you could camp in as you hear for footsteps operating previous.

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The cemetery itself is sort of huge and open. When you’re watching it from close by, you will don’t have any downside recognizing an enemy operating inside its confines. This goes each methods, although. You will need to zig and zag to the very best of your potential to stop a sniper from taking you out.

4/10 Zaya Observatory

A player sits on top of one of the observatory buildings at the Zaya Observatory area.

Zaya Observatory is without doubt one of the hottest touchdown spots in Name of Obligation: Warzone 2.0. This is because of its location close to the center of the map, the quantity of loot discovered right here, and the strategic capabilities of the realm. When you can win the battle towards each different workforce or participant dropping right here, you will have a stunning tenting spot.

There are observatory buildings, workplace buildings, and a warehouse for you and your squad to lock down. Most of them assist you to climb on high as properly. With the placement set atop a mountain, you can see far and broad. There is no probability of countering a workforce that has made this spot their house.

3/10 Sattiq Cave Advanced

The player looks out to the surrounding areas from the top of the Sattiq Cave Complex mountain.

One of many highest places in Warzone 2.0 is the Sattiq Cave Advanced. Sure, it has a cave system, however on high is a small village. There are fairly a number of buildings to loot right here and a view that allows you to scope out areas like Zarwa Hydroelectric, Haif Port, Sa’id Metropolis, and the Zaya Observatory.

This can be a sniper’s paradise. With so many surrounding factors of curiosity, you are sure to listen to pictures whizzing previous your head if you’re out within the open. Most campers right here maintain their eyes to the east, so get behind it close to the Quarry, climb up, and push by means of from the west to flank anybody right here that may trigger bother.

2/10 Al Bagra Fortress

A player stands on top of the fortified wall of Al Bagra Fortress, looking across the bridge.

The sturdy partitions of Al Bagra Fortress will shield anybody who camps on this spot. It’s on the very southern level of Al Mazrah, however Warzone gamers flock right here in the beginning of a match. There’s tons of loot and the chance to begin the match with a number of eliminations and a full package.

The circle might discover its means right here, however no matter that, campers are frequent. There may be usually a stronghold right here later within the match, which is why you will need to plant your toes on the Fortress. Get to the highest, and anybody coming from the north will probably be simply noticed. There’s not a lot probability to take this location again as soon as it has been claimed.

1/10 Al Malik Airport

A player and his revolver look down at the Al Malik Airport from the top of the air traffic control tower.

The runway of the Al Malik Airport is the final place you need to be if somebody is tenting on high of the air visitors management tower. That is essentially the most distinguished tenting spot in all of Warzone 2, and you will need to concentrate on it anytime you are close to the southeastern a part of the map.

The one technique to the highest, moreover dropping in, is by an upward zipline on the aspect of the constructing. That makes this tenting spot simple to guard and straightforward to make use of. A Precision Airstrike launched on the roof may displace the camper right here, however not earlier than they will do some harm.

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