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Fayetteville begins issuing citations to homeless individuals tenting in metropolis

As temperatures dropped this week and mom and son Sharman and Chris Tober could not discover locations to accommodate them and their 5 canine, they had been issued citations.

Their alleged crime, the Tobers stated, is being homeless.

Jodi Phelps, chief of employees for Fayetteville, stated three citations had been issued Monday to people “discovered to be tenting in high-risk places alongside Maiden Lane.”

Monday was the primary day {that a} metropolis ordinance prohibiting homeless camps went into impact.

The Tobers say they and one other man who lived close to the Cumberland County Library in downtown Fayetteville had been issued the citations.

Their court docket date is Dec. 6.

A citation for Chris Tober, which is similar to one his mother received, states that camping on city property poses a health and safety risk in Fayetteville.

“The quotation says we’re a hazard to the general public security of others and different’s well being out right here,” Chris Tober 45, stated. “I stated, ‘A hazard to what? How are we a hazard?’ We do not have no weapons. We do not do no medicine.”

Banning homeless camps

Metropolis discussions about prohibiting homeless encampments began in Might, with the town’s prior ordinance solely banning tenting in parks and cemeteries.

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