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Do Cabin Crew Have Kind Rankings For Sure Plane Like Pilots Do?

Cabin crew are type-rated like pilots, however whereas pilots largely maintain one or two plane sorts at anyone time, cabin crew can maintain as much as three or 4 sorts. That is depending on the airline, what plane they’ve and what their operational necessities are. If they’ve bases is quite a few cities this will also be an element. The place 3 or 4 sorts are held, these need to be of the same plane sort or inside the identical plane household.

a number of fleets

Many airways can have their cabin crew sort rated on a number of fleets and a mixture of extensive bodied and slender bodied plane for max operations. An instance of this could be Qatar Airways, who function Boeing 777, 787 Airbus 350, 380 and Airbus 320 and 321. So a crew member, might function the B777, 787 and A320, 321, on this case or A350, 380 and A320 , 321. The A320/321 are a part of the identical household and the B777 and 787 are one other household. Emirates solely operates the A380 and B777, though it does each lengthy haul and brief haul routes.

Qatar Airways has 6 aircraft types covering a wide range of routes.  Photo: Qatar Airways

Single or separate fleets

Some airways who’ve separate fleets like brief haul and lengthy haul, for instance, British Airways has the A319,320 and 321 for shorter to mid-haul routes and the A350, 380, B777 and 787 for longer routes. Low-cost airways are likely to function just one or two sorts, Flydubai solely makes use of the B737 MAX which retains coaching prices down for pilots and cabin crew. Easyjet has the A319,320 and 321, that are once more the entire identical household, so it’s simpler to cross practice cabin crew on all sorts.

Coaching necessities

Cabin crew should full an plane particular sort coaching and conversion course earlier than working on an plane. The operator or airline is liable for plane particular and operator’s conversion coaching, but when the airline doesn’t have its personal coaching middle it may be contracted out to a cabin crew coaching group. The programs aren’t transferable between airways because the plane might have a special configuration and completely different emergency gear areas. Normal working procedures may additionally differ.

Specifics of coaching

The conversion coaching should cowl door operations, slides and rafts, emergency gear, communications, oxygen programs and areas of kit on the plane sort. The operator’s conversion coaching contains emergency procedures, security gear, customary working procedures, cabin configuration, hearth and smoke. Moist drills, CRM, harmful items, aviation medication and safety are additionally coated throughout cabin crew coaching however not particularly in plane sort coaching. The cabin crew members expertise and coaching information will also be taken under consideration.

A320 family

These Airbus plane sorts are from the identical household. Picture: Airbus


As mentioned earlier than the plane households assist resolve which plane sort coaching is suitable for cabin crew. For instance, the A318,319,320 and 321 are the identical household. The A330 and A340 together with variants (A330-200/300, A340-200/300 and A340-500/600) are one other household. The willpower on variants relies on the similarity of the exit doorways, the kind particular emergency procedures and the situation of the protection gear.


Though the B737 and A320 maintain the same variety of passengers, they’ve the same inner format and are of the same dimension, they will by no means be thought-about the identical household. The door operation is totally completely different and the protection gear will not be at all times the identical. There could also be various kinds of hearth extinguisher, smoke hoods and life vests, for instance and a few emergency procedures also can differ on these plane sorts.

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