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Tenting Spots To Watch Out For In Valorant

Tenting is usually seen as an underhanded tactic in gaming, however it’s really a official technique. It means that you can lock down a single location and react extra shortly than if you happen to have been on the run. Whereas tenting, there is not any likelihood you will spherical a nook and get gunned down. After all, it does not really feel good to be the one on the finish of a camper’s barrel.

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In Valorant, tenting will be particularly helpful or annoying. All of it is dependent upon the state of affairs you end up in. With web site pushes, lurks, and rotations, you are sure to run right into a camper ultimately. That makes it essential to learn about a few of Valorant’s finest tenting spots to be careful for or use to your benefit.


10/10 A Artwork On Pearl

Pearl is filled with lengthy angles. This makes it straightforward to take gun fights and see the place your opponents are coming from. There’s one prime tenting spot you will need to concentrate on, although. It’s behind the field within the A Artwork location.

Whether or not you might be rotating from the Defender aspect by way of the center of the map or making an preliminary push from the Attacker aspect, there’s at all times an opportunity {that a} lurking enemy is ready right here. They will wait so that you can wrap by way of or come out and shock you. Fortunately, the field is penetrable. You’ll be able to pump bullets into it earlier than getting into An Artwork to filter out anybody there.

9/10 C Website Platform On Haven

Sova waits on the C Platform with his Phantom on Haven.

Though Haven has probably the most bombsites of any map in Valorant, it does not have plenty of tenting alternatives. Any tenting would come from the defending crew. An amazing spot to make use of a few times in a match is the platform of C Website.

The attacking crew will usually clear the direct corners, however be left vast open in the event that they transfer to plant the Spike with out checking on the platform. For those who’re frightened an opponent is likely to be right here, ship any intel gathering talents from an Initiator in that course to identify them.

8/10 A Website On Breeze

KAY/O crouches in a corner near A Site with a Judge on Breeze.

Breeze is a slightly massive map, however does not present many spots to camp. You’ll discover your self continuously rotating to assist a teammate or transferring to achieve a extra advantageous place. One spot to look at for, nonetheless, is subsequent to the pyramids of A Website.

Like most tenting spots, this may be cleared with some utility. Recon from an Initiator or damaging talents from a Duelist will get the camper out of this location. For those who do not decide ​​to clear it, be ready for them to internet just a few kills if you happen to plan to carry the Spike to A.

7/10 B Inexperienced On Icebox

Omen stands atop the B Green box with a Specter on Icebox.

The inexperienced field on Icebox’s direct lane to B Website will be scaled when the spherical is in motion. Many gamers aren’t conscious that you would be able to get on prime earlier than a spherical begins, too. Omen can teleport up there and Raze could make the soar with a Blast Pack. The camper can then sit and look forward to footsteps and straightforward kills in case your crew rushes over to B.

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One of the simplest ways to counter a camper right here is to react shortly sufficient to take them down earlier than they do an excessive amount of injury. In any other case, beginning the spherical by pushing elsewhere will greater than probably pressure them to drop down and rotate, giving up the place.

6/10 A Nest On Icebox

Omen has a Specter as he waits for enemies to approach in A Nest on Icebox.

Icebox is crammed with tough spots for campers to cover. The A Nest is a chief instance of that. It may be used within the opening phases of the spherical or as a post-plant location for a crew which may be on the flank. To start out the spherical, shortly journey the zipline over and wait patiently.

If the opposing crew is making their approach to the A Website, you will be behind them in the event that they keep on the bottom stage. Simply look ahead to a counter if you happen to’re the one tenting right here. An enemy might climb the rope and test, supplying you with away.

5/10 Attacker Spawn On Fracture

Breach sits behind the set of boxes in Attacker Spawn on Fracture.

Fracture is a singular Valorant map. It has two areas the place the Attackers can begin the spherical from. This makes having defensive recreation plan a necessity. plan isn’t actually in a position to counter a camper, although.

A few packing containers sit within the Attacker Aspect Spawn location of the map. A camper might simply wait there as an Attacker for a possible flank and forestall it. Or a Defender might sneak over from their aspect and camp out a attainable rotation. Both means, it’s best to only test that space earlier than wrapping by way of the spawn.

4/10 A Sand On Fracture

Breach and his Odin wait near the door in A Sand on Fracture.

This spot is labeled as A Rope in-game, however the neighborhood has taken to calling it A Sand. That is as a result of it’s close to the rope and clearly crammed with sand. A Sand is a superb place to camp as part of the defending crew. Fracture’s flooring are extraordinarily loud when sprinting, so you’ll hear gamers coming from the Attacker spawn with no downside.

The door is automated and results in a hallway. This allows you to, if you happen to’re the camper, decide off anybody who comes by way of and even soar by way of it your self to catch the opposite crew off guard. Fade and Skye each have talents that ship out a drone of kinds. Use them to undergo the door and spot anybody on the opposite aspect earlier than sending your crew to A Sand.

3/10 B Window On Bind

Raze awaits the enemy team with a Vandal behind a box in B Window on Bind.

The B Window on Bind could be a cluster of gun fights and utility if a number of gamers discover themselves there. It’s a widespread location for the Attacker crew to try to take earlier than reaching B Website and planting the Spike. A well-positioned camper can cease them on their tracks.

Associated: The Finest Brimstone Smokes For BindA small wood construction resembling a bench sits between the doorway to B Window and the precise window onto the location itself. A camper can sit there and wait on your crew to maneuver in direction of the window and decide you off one after the other. Be prepared to make use of some talents with Agent’s corresponding to Skye and Sova to ensure nobody is ready there.

2/10 A Website Truck On Bind

Raze has made it onto the truck on A Site of Bind.

You may get a lift as much as the truck on A Website subsequent to Lamps. Omen and Raze could make it up themselves or the latter may also help a teammate attain it with their Blast Packs. This can be a sneaky place to be if the enemy crew is making an attempt to take A.

Most of the time, the crew will push in and attempt to get the Spike down quick. The camper can have the excessive floor and may wipe them out. For those who’re trying to counter this spot, struggle by way of A Bathtub to take away any safety the camper might have. Then you’ll be able to take them out from the entryway or pressure them to go away the spot.

1/10 B Boat Home On Ascent

Fade watches B Site from the Boat House on Ascent.

A shocking quantity of Valorant gamers don’t instantly test the Boat Home after they enter B Website. This makes it an amazing place to play post-plant eventualities and to provoke a retake on your crew as a Defender. Simply sit again within the nook so as to not be seen.

If the Spike planter drops with out clearing the Boat Home, you will get a free kill. Others might observe if they don’t seem to be fast sufficient to react. You will at all times wish to take a peek in the back of B Website within the Boat Home to make sure an enemy is not ready there.

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