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10 Tenting Spots To Watch Out For In Halo Infinite

Tenting has been a play fashion for the reason that daybreak of first-person shooters. No collection can take credit score for the technique’s emergence as a lot as Halo. Whereas graphics, mechanics, and generations have modified, the general premise of Halo has remained the identical. You are in a position to rush, flank, and camp your solution to victory.

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Most of the maps in Halo Infinite are symmetrical. They provide each side equal footing relating to positioning. That may make for some nice tenting alternatives in the event you’re in a position to sneak your solution to the opposing space. Or, it may possibly permit those self same alternatives to an enemy. Which may trigger you hassle in the event you aren’t certain the place the prime tenting spots are.


10/10 Argyle-Towers

Argyle is a small, dim lit map in Halo Infinite. Either side is almost similar, aside from the colour that bounces off of the constructions. Each opening spawn areas have an easy-to-access tower that may be tough for the opposite workforce to achieve.

A sniper rifle sits on a platform across the nook. If you happen to seize that and run again to the tower in your respective facet of the map, you may have a stunning tenting spot till you run out of ammo and wish to depart for extra. If you end up dominated by a camper right here, the very best counter is to get into your tower and choose them off from afar.

9/10 Bazaar – Gates

The double doors are great camping spots on Bazaar at the East and West Gate locations in Halo Infinite

The East and West sides of Bazaar each have a set of double doorways identified on the map as Gates. There isn’t a solution to inform what’s ready behind these doorways till you’ve got made it via. It’s the excellent spot for a camper to attend, lay in some pictures, and end off an unsuspecting enemy with a melee.

There’s a good distance round on both facet of the map that can come behind the participant right here. You may take that if nothing else is working. In any other case, bouncing a few grenades off the wall via the doorways will clear it, so you may push in and get the camper out of that space.

8/10 Bazaar – Library And Lockers

The Library and Locker locations on Halo Infinite provide a great overview of the center of the map.

Not like different maps, Bazaar has a set of areas which might be very comparable, although named in another way. Library and Lockers are the in-game areas. They each act as a nook room, elevated above the center of the map. Campers can submit up right here to carry on to the Odd Ball or look ahead to a flag provider to enter your sight and cease an goal take.

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In case you are tenting right here, you must watch the alternative location. A participant may exit both Library or Lockers and catch you from behind if you’re solely being attentive to the middle of the map. With such open entrances, grenades are an important option to get the camper right here to run.

7/10 Fragmentation – Towers

The Towers on Fragmentation in Halo Infinite allow campers to see across the entire map.

The Towers on Fragmentation are good decisions to arrange camp in Halo Infinite. They each have a sniper on the heart and direct view of the enemy tower. They’re distant from the spawns, even with the gravity lifts that offer you a lift in the direction of the areas.

There’s the enclosed tower itself and the platform behind it that provides you area to maneuver. You may see if somebody is approaching from nearly any location. In case you are right here with a sniper, you may have loads of kills coming in. If any enemy is there, you may have to carry a teammate with you to hurry them as quick as potential earlier than they will choose you off.

6/10 Streets – Previous City Bar

A player sits in the corner of the Old Town Bar area of ​​the Streets map in Halo Infinite

There’s cowl to be taken round each nook of streets. Most of this Halo Infinite map could be camped. It is alleyways, hallways, courtyards, and rooms are small with only a few entrances. The very best place to gap up on Streets, nonetheless, is the Previous City Bar location.

There are a few corners right here you may again into that allow you to see your complete room and the road in entrance of it. It is likely one of the greatest locations within the sport to be defensive within the Odd Ball sport mode. Your workforce can arrange on the skin when you wait inside. If you happen to’re on the opposite finish of it, you may counter it by going there together with your workforce at completely different entrances to entice the camper.

5/10 Dwell Hearth – Tunnel

The rocky Tunnel area of ​​Live Fire is a common camping spot in Halo Infinite.

The Tunnel on Dwell Hearth is a camper’s dream. The doorways to enter it are tiny, usually solely permitting one participant via at a time. You may drop from above or take any of the direct entrances to stake your declare right here throughout a match.

Simply be sure to transfer from one finish to the opposite incessantly. If you happen to keep in a single spot of the Tunnel, the opposite workforce can bombard you with grenades to get you out of there. The identical could be mentioned in the event you’re coping with a camper. The small confines make it laborious to keep away from explosives, so use them as a counter.

4/10 Dwell Hearth – Tower

The Tower on Live Fire lets you watch over most of the map in Halo Infinite

The Tower on Dwell Hearth is arguably the most well-liked tenting spot in all of Halo Infinite. The sniper rifle sits between the tower and the storage space. If you happen to can seize it and stand up to the tower’s platform, you may be sitting there for some time in case your workforce can shield you.

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Whether or not you are taking out enemies from a distance or holding the goal right here, the tower is unmatched on Dwell Hearth. There’s solely the stairwell behind it to achieve the highest, which could be simply guarded. You may want a full on assault to stop a camper from gaining momentum on this spot.

3/10 Recharge – Elevator

A player backs into the corner above the Elevator on Recharge in Halo Infinite.

Recharge has a variety of tenting spots on the identical facet of the map in Halo Infinite. Probably the most annoying could be the elevator space. It’s a non-working elevator, however you may soar from the carry to the platform above. There, you may camp and cease anybody coming in from beneath or from the steps on the Management Room.

Backing the camper right into a nook is one of the simplest ways to stop their technique. You and your workforce ought to transfer in from the Management Room, the steps beneath, and the elevator carry to make sure they’re taken out. Coordination is the important thing to cease a ruthless camper right here.

2/10 Recharge-Management Room

A Spartan holds his assault rifle, watching the stairs of the Control Room location on Recharge in Halo Infinite

The Management Room of Recharge solely has two entrances. There’s an exit that you could drop out of into the middle pit of the map, however and not using a grenade or rocket increase, nobody can enter from that method. This implies a camper can sit within the nook and simply maintain down the door from Elevator and the steps from beneath.

This is likely one of the hardest tenting spots to take care of if the camper has an influence weapon. You is usually a nightmare for the enemy workforce in the event you’re the one right here. If an opponent takes up residence within the tenting haven, the one factor you are able to do is rush in and hope your pictures land first.

1/10 Recharge – Hydro

A camper sits back in the Hydro area, watching its entrance from the Control Room in Halo Infinite

Hydro is a tough tenting spot on Recharge. There is a extensive open area in entrance of the machine, however then there may be the ramp that leads down behind the machine and the platform that incorporates an influence weapon. A sword-wielder or rocket launcher consumer can have the sport of their life in the event that they camp right here in a Staff Slayer or Free-For-All setting.

Fortunately, you should use the a number of entrances and measurement of Hydro in opposition to them. Greater than probably, the camper will take you out the primary time you enter the room. Simply change up the way you strategy it to catch them off guard. Be quick via a distinct entrance than the place you have been eradicated, and you must have ample alternative to evict them from their campsite.

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